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Costa Rica

September 14, 20233 min read

Costa Rica. This is where my journey began. In 2004, at 22 years old, I hopped onto a plane and headed south. I had never traveled abroad before. I didn’t speak a word of Spanish. Heck, I didn’’t even know where Costa Rica was until a friend helped me find it on a map.

Growing up in rural NE Missouri hadn’t bode itself well to geography or international travel. My parents had never travelled but somehow I knew that I needed and I wanted to get out into the world.

I will never forget how much stuff I packed into my backpack. My father and I stayed up all night strategically and carefully placing items in every corner. When we arrived at the airport my bag was too heavy and we frantically reversed our handiwork! I finally walked down the terminal, waved goodbye to my parents who had tears in their eyes, and stepped out of into my life - and into the world.

8 Reasons

I remember my first cab ride that I took with a man that I realized half way through the ride wasn’t actually a cab. I remember European travelers that I met my first night in a hostel and the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that shook us while we were out dancing at the disco-tek. I remember many highlights from that first trip abroad - all of which were so new and thrilling at the time and now fit into the “travel story” category bracket of my brain.

The 6 months that I spent traveling two countries, studying Spanish, and volunteering on a farm was a turning point for me. Through the journey of emotions - the highs and lows, the fears, the joys, the vulnerability, and the humbling of being among another culture - I was transformed.

I believe that the vulnerability of this first trip that brought me where I am today, that this initial travel experience brought me closer to my purpose and to discovering my true offering to the world. Fast forward 15 years and I’m back, again in Costa Rica for the 7th time. Returning to the tropics this year has reminded me that Costa Rica has been the home to many beginnings for me. In 2004, as a solo young female on my first international trip abroad. In 2014, when I hopped on board with Ken McRae and Global Yoga Journeys and assisted my first yoga retreat. And now, in 2020, I have returned to Costa Rica at the beginning of my Wanderlust Women travel adventure career.


Reflecting on how the last chapter of my life has unfolded, I’ve discovered that Costa Rica is one or my power places. I believe I have some special energetic connection with this place: with the people, the land, the jungle, and the sea. I love the language and the people, the simplicity of the “pura vida” lifestyle and general attitude of gratitude for being alive.

I know that Costa Rica may not be for everyone, but it is for me. I appreciate the feeling of going back in time, like there is never a rush to get anywhere or get anything done. I don’t mind being woken up by roosters and howler monkeys at 4:00 am, or the midnight sounds of barking dogs and motor bikes.

I appreciate the simplicity of life at a slower pace; I appreciate the feeling of time slowing down here - music from the 90’s now a current day, modern hit. I love the rawness of the elements, the volcanic energy - which feels palpable - with daily earthquakes and regular volcanic eruptions.
So, Costa Rica is a kind of home for me; the soul kind of home. I never would have dreamt that I would be leading groups of people on international travel adventures, or returning to Costa Rica year after year. But I feel blessed to have found this place; to have trusted my intuition all those years ago and taken a that trip that would turn into the adventure of a lifetime.

Brockell Briddle

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