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Meet the Travel: Linda

September 14, 20234 min read

8 Reasons

Q)  How many countries have you travelled to? 

A) Only three!  Canada, Mexico (Cancun) and Costa Rica.  I had my passport for 10 years and never used it.  I’ve dreamt of traveling to many countries, but I let life get in the way.  There was always a reason not to go.

Q) How may trips have you taken with Brockell and WW? 

A)  Both to Costa Rica, back to back trips.  

Q) Why did you decide to come back for a second year to Costa Rica?

A) My first year I felt “stuck” in many aspects of my life, at a crossroads of sorts.  I was soon going to be launching my last child and we would be empty nesters, what was that going to look like? I was getting that restless feeling at work, should I go for a promotion?  I am Respiratory Therapist at a Level 1 Trauma center and while I love my work and my patients, caregiving can take a toll.  I’ve had some health issues that I wanted to receive treatments from the bodywork specialists/healers that are in residence at Pura Vida. 

They are truly gifted! I had such a great trip the first year but wasn’t sure I could swing going the next year because of time and money considerations.  Then “life happened” and I felt that I HAD to go.   It is an amazing gift to yourself to take a break from all the stress and distractions in your life and take the opportunity to nourish yourself, connect with your Pura Vida sisters and with ourselves.  It’s the most powerful feeling I’ve ever experienced and hard to explain to someone who wasn’t there.  Being open and vulnerable can be scary but the love and support you get in return is truly heart warming.  By returning for a subsequent year, I was able to build on my experience and take it to another level and to really grow.

Q) What was your favorite thing about your trip to Costa Rica this year?

A) It is so hard to pick just one thing because ALL of the experiences and interpersonal connections contribute to feeling transformed at the end of the week!  Daily yoga, breathtaking views, community dining, farm to table food, Tumeric Tonics, gifted healers, amazing bodywork treatments, time alone and time together, beautiful weather….ahhh take me back.  

Q) Do you have any kind of a daily practice routine or ritual? (It’s ok if you do not, just curious)

A) LOL I do not, but when I’m in Costa Rica practicing daily I recognize the benefits.  One of my goals for 2020 is to start a small meditation practice :).  Last year I was able to change how I ate after my trip, small changes that stuck and I lost 13 lbs.   That’s the first time ever that I’ve been able to make a change like that and to have it become part of my lifestyle.  I would like to do the same thing with meditation.  Start small and build so that it becomes a daily practice.  

Q) What things are recurring on your gratitude list?

A) If I’m being honest, I don’t have a gratitude list. Gratitude is something I would like to practice more of and cultivate daily in 2020.  

Q) Can you share something that is exciting to you in your current life?

A) I’m so excited to be intentionally creating the next chapter in my life, of how I want it to be and being open to how it unfolds.  I don’t want to wait and see, letting life decide for me.  

Q) Can you share an event that you have grown from recently in your life? 

A) In 2019 I went to Costa Rica and spent time doing yoga and reflecting and wanted to experience so many of the eco tours.  I was nicknamed “the joiner”.  I felt a shift that carried me through to this year. In 2020, I spent a lot more time doing “the work” and less time experiencing activities.   I worked really hard and feel like I have grown tremendously.  I couldn’t have done it without the support of Brockell and Chrissy and my amazing Pura Vida sisters.    

Q) What keeps you motivated when things in life get tough?

A) Honestly, thinking back to my weeks in Costa Rica and what we practiced daily!  It is a powerful and transformative experience on so many levels.

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