May 25 - June 1, 2024 - only 1 room left!

If you're a woman who is ready ignite your inspiration and bring the magic back into your life, then join us on the Magical and Awe-Inspiring Isle of Iceland for a life-changing adventure!

Imagine with me for a moment....

You're on an Island far off in the waters of the Northern Atlantic with crystal clear deep sea waters surrounding you. Gazing off into the distance, you feel the vast expanse of space engulf you as you get the overwhelming feeling that you are on the edge of the world. Tears well up and fill your eyes from the rawness of the space and beauty all around you and you take a deep breath to breathe in some of the cleanest air on the planet.

You're with a group of new friends who you can't wait to share this moment with - and yet you find yourself speechless and filled with an emotion that only those who have been there can understand. And the spacious, un-earthly feeling has you thinking to yourself... "Is this even real??'

You've never felt this simultaneous all-consuming and yet empty feeling that is elicited from all of the beauty that surrounds you. As you look into the distance towards the sea, you and see a breaching whale. Dolphins flip and chirp in tandem. You stand and take another deep breath turning around to notice the panoramic mountains all around you, and you see silvery waterfalls descending down from snow capped fields and mountain tops.


It's the end of another incredible day in Akureyri, Iceland, the unexplored "Capital of the North" shore of this magical island in the Atlantic. Your body feels good from the therapeutic yoga class this morning and you are about to board your private tour bus to return to your apartment for the evening.

When you arrive, you pour yourself a private hot tub with geothermal heated fresh water coming in from the tap.

You slide into the jacuzzi to soak your bones from the days adventures. You take it all in and you think to yourself..."THIS is LIFE. I'm SO glad that I'm here..."

Ah, the vast landscape of Iceland!! The contrast of deep blue sea, dark earth, and volcanic rock...

The overwhelming beauty all around you is stirring you AWAKE in your bones...

Sometimes, you need a little something different to come along and remind you of the MAGIC of simply being alive...

It's the first time... in a LONG TIME. That you've had this much space for yourself and time to simply be... think... and feel...

Imagine for a moment - you've chosen to hit the 'pause' button on life.

You stop the notifications, the appointments, the endless to-do's and instead invest in yourself and give yourself the gift of a 8 day, 7 night adventure on a picturesque Island in the northern Atlantic far away.

Imagine getting away from the crowds of tourists. This is unlike ANY trip you've ever taken. This time you have a private tour guide and your own tour bus, where you don't have to plan ANYTHING but will be along for the ride of a perfectly curated adventure.

Take a week off. And instead, adventure the vast landscapes of Northern Iceland where you'll finally have time to reconnect with yourself and your inspiration for simply being alive.

Enjoy a week to take life as it comes and move at a slow pace that is comfortable to you, while challenging yourself with exhilarating hikes, daily sight seeing excursions, nourishing + healthy local mouth-watering meals, and meaningful conversations with new friends.

Taking a retreat is one of the BEST ways to reconnect your purpose and the

magic of simply being alive.

Which One of these Sounds Like You?

  • You feel like you've lost yourself a bit. Your priorities have been on everyone else and are ready for some 'me' time.

  • You have been living the day to day but feeling a bit disengaged like you’ve lost your ‘spark’ and your zest for life 

  • You are feeling disconnected from your feeling of purpose or lacking clear guidance and direction

  • You’re yearning for new experiences that are awe-inspiring, soul-stirring, and heart-opening

  • You feel called to reconnect with the simple inspiration of being alive

  • You’re ready to make a LIFE-changing decision

  • You crave freedom and time to recharge and nurture yourself, your soul, and your creativity

  • You desire adventure and are ready to do something different 

  • You want to say a full bodied “YES” to life and experience life to the fullest

  • You’re ready to create space for yourself and to connect with other inspirational like-minded women to exchange ideas and possibilities

If you answered yes to five or more of these questions, then this Iceland Sightseeing

Adventure Retreat was designed specifically for you!!

...this is exactly why you’re going to LOVE this Iceland Retreat. It's curated exactly for a woman like you who is ready to reconnect with yourself, re-ignite your inspiration, and have the space to -finally- re-discover your purpose again.

On this 8 day 7 night adventure, you'll journey not just outside of yourself through the vastness of the natural world but you'll finally have the space to take yourself on an unforgettable journey within.

You'll experience 7 FULL days of adventure, awe-inspiring views, vast landscapes, geothermal hot waters, Icelandic culture food, physical rejuvenation, connection with yourself and other inspiring women - and - of course - have some time for some actual FUN – something we ALL desperately need after these past few years!

The schedule each day is perfectly curated with time for engagement with the natural world, connection with other women in the group, and also with enough down-time for personal reflection, inquiry, and rest.

There’s something special about this 'Capital of the North' region of Iceland. Where local lore teaches of fairies and elves as the guardians and keepers of the land. You'll have unlimited access to a private tour guide to share these stories with you and teach you the folklore that Iceland is known for. You'll get access to a private waterfall tour and various off-the-beaten path Island adventures that are far from what is known in the mainstream tourist areas of Reikjavek and go deep into the unseen territories of the North.

This carefully curated experience was designed for YOU, combining the ultimate experiences of daily breathtaking sightseeing tours with heart opening and enlivening yoga classes

This is the travel adventure is one that might just change your life, and that you are guaranteed to remember for a lifetime.

This trip is guaranteed to re-ignite the inspiration you need to take your dreams and your imagination to soar to new heights.

“It doesn’t matter your size, shape, age, or level of experience - everyone can benefit from this retreat. I came thinking it was about yoga but left knowing it was about me. I have never felt such a peaceful, settled feeling in my heart, body, and soul.

I needed this.”


“This retreat exceeded my expectations! I loved how our activities were structured to allow us the opportunity to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones.

The yoga activities combined with the eco tour opportunities made this retreat everything that I needed. To top off the experience, the community of women I met and the support that I felt was amazing!

Thank you team Brockell!”


“You and your most capable hospitality professional worked seamlessly together to give our multi-level group a delicious challenge.

A supportive - innovative - spiritual - life changing yoga retreat experience


THIS WOMEN'S YOGA SIGHTSEEING ADVENTURE in Akureyri, Iceland is specifically for those who want to re-connect with themselves and remember the awesomeness of the natural world around them.

The combination of daily yoga and sightseeing provides a perfect container to expand and inspire you to re-connect with the magic of the world around you.

By experiencing the vast expanse of space on this Volcanic Island in the Atlantic, you'll connect to deeper perspective and meaning on the life that you are living.

Through this journey of external exploration, you'll practice the art of personal reclamation, as you re-ignite your passion, spirit, and inspiration for life by saying "YES" to your claiming your purpose in a new way.

Come prepared to be challenged and stretched in new ways and you'll leave feeling emotionally refreshed, physically rejuvenated, and fully inspired to return home to your life and relationships as a better, more attuned and inspired version of yourself.

The benefits that you'll receive throughout our week together include:

Practicing accessible and enlivening morning yoga classes so that you can intentionally connect with yourself and your body every day

Enjoying deeply restful and nourishing restorative movement to help your body integrate the adventures from the day

Taking daily sight-seeing and hiking adventures throughout the Akureyri and Northern Iceland region so that you connect daily with new inspiration and the awesomeness of the natural world

Traveling on a Private Tour Bus where you don't have to worry about making ANY Plans or itineraries but can just sit back and enjoy the ride

An Excursion to Myvatn geothermic area, the "Blue Lagoon of the North" and soak in geothermal hot springs and spend the day connecting with the transformative power of volcanic energy.

• An excursion the Godafoss waterfall where you'll experience the sheer power and exhilaration and force of the element of water

A boat ride and tour of Hrisey Island, a power spot on off of the Northern Coast of Iceland where you will feel the power of being on the edge of the earth

• An excursion of either and afternoon Icelandic Horse Ride or an experience of Whale Watching to wake up your senses and do something that you may never have done before

Feelings of being emotionally refreshed and physically rejuvenated so that you reclaim your sense of inspiration, alive-ness, and living your best life again


Pricing: Only 6 Rooms Left!!

Standard accommodations are in private apartments, shared only to other participants in our retreat.

Each apartment comes complete with geothermal jacuzzis.

Hotel rooms are also available as an upgrade for those desiring a more private experience.

Rooming Options Include:

3 Bedroom, 1 Bath Apartment: Only 1 Room Left!! Can be Single or a double

Single - $4480

Double - $3990

2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Shared Apartment

Double: $3850 (1 Room Left) (SOLD OUT)

Hotel: (Limited Availability)

Double: $4795 - Inquire for current availability

Payment: Because we are so close to the retreat start date, A Full payment is now required.

You can click any of the 'register now' or 'save my spot' buttons on this website to secure your spot with a deposit.

Once you make a payment, someone from our team will reach out to you within 48 hours to send you the terms and conditions.

All full retreat balances are now due because we are 90 days before the event.

Due to the nature of limited room availability, to ensure that you get the rooming option of your choice, early registration is strongly encouraged.


6:30 -8:30 am:

Breakfast In Apartments

8:45 - 9:00 am:

Shuttle / Arrival to Wellness Center

9:00 am - 11:15 pm:

Yoga / Movement / Meditation Workshop

11:30pm - 12:45 pm:


1:-0 pm -5:00 pm:

Included Group Excursion or Tour / Free Time (varies day to day)

6:00pm - 7:00pm:


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm:

Rest, Stargazing, Jacuzzi Time


Seven-nights accommodations of your choice in Akureyri, Iceland

• An all access week-long pass the only Wellness Center in the region with a view of the local Fjord

• Incredible farm to table meals! Which includes all breakfasts, all lunches, and 4 Group Dinners

Daily Group Hatha Yoga Classes and Workshops overlooking the Fjord of the North

Transportation and admission fees for 4 Group Excursions including destinations of Hrisey Island, Myvatan geothermial area, and the adventures of horse-riding or whale watching with a private tour bus and a local private guide

An intimate tour group of 15 - 20 women


• Airfare to and from Akureyri
• Travel Insurance
• Extra tours, massage and bodywork sessions

• 3 Dinners

Made it this far and you're interested but still have questions?

We'd love to answer them!

Book a free inquiry call to get them answered here.

About Your Group Leader + Facilitator: 

Brockell Briddle (LMT, RYT 500) is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Therapeutic Registered Yoga Teacher, avid traveler, and Experienced Group Facilitator. She is passionate about guiding others toward finding their deepest expression of themselves and uses a variety of movement, mindfulness, trauma-informed communication, and connection to the natural world to facilitate this process.

As an experienced yoga teacher and outdoor adventure guide for over a decade, Brockell is skilled at facilitating transformational experiences of all kinds. As a yoga teacher, she excels at offering accessible yoga classes that accompany all bodies, ages, and abilities.

She is deeply interested in yoga as a contemplative art and a tool for self-growth and transformation. She has been leading retreats globally since 2014 and has guided retreats in Costa Rica, the United States, Switzerland, Greece, and Iceland.

She currently lives as a digital nomad, and she's working daily on creating the best version of herself and her life on the Nicoya Coast of Costa Rica. She loves travel, surfing, horses, and adventures of all kinds.

Fine Print:

Fine Print:

This is a yoga retreat that requires moderate physical exertion. The yoga classes are designed for all levels and will be modified for beginning students. Retreat location requires a moderate amount of walking on various terrain. The location is not handicap accessible.

Because we are 120 days within the retreat start date a full payment is now due.

If the client cancels between 6 and 4 months prior to the retreat start date they are responsible for 50% of the full price of the trip. From 4 months prior to the program start date to the actual start date client is responsible for 100% of the trip price and is not eligible for a refund.

This retreat requires a minimum of 15 people to be held. If 6 months prior to the retreat, enrollment is not optimal, it will be re-scheduled and all moneys paid will be transferred to the re-schedule date. Travel insurance as always, is strongly recommended due to the strict the non-refundable nature of this trip.


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